How to Choose the Right Helmet: Information and Reviews

Shoei GT Air COG TC-9With all the variety among motorcycle gear, it is important to acknowledge each characteristic in order to find the best motorcycle helmet. If you really care about your safety and your family then you should definitely take care of yourself when you are driving a two wheeler.

Wearing safety gear is very important to keep yourself away from the injuries that can happen when you are driving. Helmet can protect you from brain injury in accidents that can be life taking. So, protection is always important. But just buying a hard cap and wearing it, is not just important, there are many other things that you need to consider when you are buying a motorcycle accessory for yourself.

Let us have a look at few tips that can help you choose the right helmet:

Select The Right Size

This is one of the most important factors that you need to consider when you are buying a protective headgear. You should make sure that the unit is of perfect fit. Safety while driving depends completely on selecting the right size. When you come across any new model or a nice attractive helmet and it is not of your size, then do not go for it. If you are so interested in buying that design, then ask for padding at the store. You will be able to calibrate the fit by adjusting the pads. Chin strap is also important while buying a helmet. The fit should be tight but it should not be uncomfortable while you are driving. You should adjust the strap and check if the hat is moving front or back. It should not move here and there.

Try as Many as Possible

Try as many helmets as possible before you decide on buying one good unit. If you are not spending enough time in selecting a protective headgear, then you may end up spoiling your complete ride. There are many factors that you should consider before you decide the comfort of the hard hatlike the softness of the pads inside, strap fit and make sure the shell is covering the forehead.

Try it Before you Buy it

You may sometimes like an accessory which was worn by any of your friends or colleagues. Do not just go to the store and get the same helmet. Even if you are too much in love with the design and style, it is always important to try the helmet before you buy it.

Type of Biking

The head protector that you should buy depends on the biking type as well. If you are a street motorbike rider, then you will have to buy a different helmet and if you are a bike racer then you will have to go with another kind of headgear which is specifically designed.


The head protectors are available based on the gender as well. You can find different models for men and women. To make sure that you are getting desired comfort and style, you will have to select the right design. The look of the helmet also differs from male to female.

DOT Approved

Another important point to consider when you are going for buying a helmet is to check whether it is DOT approved. Shop only from such stores which are selling the DOT approved helmets. These models undergo all kind of tests by the transportation department to make sure that they are safe to use while driving. DOT approves only those units which follow their guidelines.

It is always important to consider all the above stated points to make sure that you are buying a good and comfortable helmet for your safe journey on your bike. Do some good research at as many stores as possible to make sure that you are buying the best head protector. If you are buying the accessory for the first time or whether you are planning to replace your old headgear with new, you must try and then only buy. Even if you have used an accessory from the same brand or of same model, we still insist that you should try it. There can be any minor change from model to model of same brand and model.

Do not consider that spending more time for helmet is just waste time. You should remember that investing money on buying head protector or investing time on selecting is an investment on your life and your safety. So never neglect the process of choosing a headgear for yourself or for your beloved one. You need to select it with a lot of care.

Top Helmet Comparison Table

IV2 Matte Black Full Face
G-Max GM54 Solid
O'Neal Fastrack II
Bell Solid Rogue Cruiue Cruiser
Modular Flip-up Matte Flat Black DOT #936 (Large)
Modular Flip up Gloss Black DOT #936 (Large)
GLX Copter Style Open Face (Matte White, Medium)
Dual Visor Modular Flip up Gloss Black DOT (L)
Metallic Wine Red Modular Flip up
Duke Matte Black Full Face DK-120
LS2 Helmets OF569 Open Face (Solid Matte Black, Medium)
Dual Visor Modular Flip up Matte Black and White Demon Samurai DOT (XL)
GLX Whisper Full Face (Black, Medium)

The Top 5 Motorcycle Helmets


This HJC CL-17 is an excellent helmet from HJC after CL-16. The shape of the hard hat is very attractive and comfortable. This unit is : egg-shaped unlike all other helmets which are in round shape. This oval shape gives more comfort and fit as well. It is very light weight helmet which can be very comfortable when worn by anyone. This model has got an air flow flushes which manage the humidity and heat when you are wearing the hard hat so that you can stay comfortable. Chin strap of the helmet is also very comfortable and can be adjusted according to your requirement. It is having good adjustment facility.

The face shield is scratch proof and gives UV protection also to wearer. HJC CL-17 has got glasses groves which make it very comfortable for those who wear glasses while driving. The cheek pads of the helmet are also pretty comfortable for only who is using it. This head protector is suitable for both men and women as well. It is one of the best and budget helmets from HJC. If you have bought a new motorcycle then you don’t have to worry at all even if you consider finding a quality and comfortable headgear can be a daunting task. You task can be simplified with HJC CL-17. If you buy it then you will definitely not be disappointed at any cost – not in terms of comfort or not in terms of cost.

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Arai Vector-2

Another good option from Arai is Arai Vector-2. This is a DOT certified helmet which is both safe and comfortable for everyone. This is an oval shaped unit that will provide great support and protection when you are driving. This Arai Vector-2 Helmet is having chin vent which is unique. You also have a washable and removable liner in this model. The weight is very light which gives a lot of comfort to the driver wearing the protector or to the person sitting at the back seat.

This model is available in many different colors so that you can choose depending on your choice. The air flush is also excellent allowing the air to pass in and out of the hard hat so that you are enjoying the ride. You will have little wind noise when you are wearing this helmet but the noise is pretty low when compared to the other models available in the market. You can hear a lot of noises with other helmets. The shield of the Arai Vector-2 is also very clear and comfortable when driving. This is almost like a clear glass and scratch resist as well. The pads inside the helmet are also pretty comfortable featuring adjustable cheek pad and temple pads. You can remove up to 5mm of these pads for adjusting the unit. Even when you are riding your bike at a high speed, you will not face any problem like your head is being pushed back.

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IV2 Matte Flat Black Full Face

IV2 Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet is one of the most popular head protectors online. The air flow in and out of the unit is excellent which helps to keep yourself fresh when you are driving. For few helmets, the ventilation is pretty low that the person wearing the unit starts sweating while driving.

IV2 Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle headgear is having streamline design which will help in reducing the wind noises while driving. The cheek pads are removable and you can wash them as well. This is a light weight helmet and hence comfortable for everyone. The liner of the model absorbs sweat very well and keeps you dry. The strap of the helmet is easy to adjust. You can see very clearly through the face shield which is scratch resistant as well. You have two visors with the helmet. One visor is clear and the other – smoke. Both of them are pretty clear even in the night usage.

This is a DOT certified helmet and is safe to use. The model is affordable as well. People of both genders can use this head protector. The fit of the helmet is excellent with an adjustable chin strap. The life of the helmet is also high due to the high quality materials used. You have very informative and excellent size chart available along with this helmet which will help you in choosing the right fit for yourself.

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Shoei RF-1200 Helmet

The Shoei RF-1200 is actually the same as the previous RF-1100 helmet but while having some differences and changes to become actually slimmer in size while maintaining the same and even better efficiency. It received some tuning regarding ventilation as they made the chin vent whole size to become bigger, the head intake vents number was increased by 2 and an exhaust chamber was added to the back of the helmet which did not exist in the previous version. All of these holes have controlling mechanisms according to speed of travel. Regarding the helmet itself, it is still made of the same Multiply Matrix AIM+ which is known to be one of the most solid materials used to make helmet safe and to make sure the wearer does not receive the damage of impacts while wearing it.

The other important features are regarding the face shield that comes with an included pinlock visor that prevents the shield from fogging, this feature is usually purchased separately according to different aspects. The face shield itself changed the way it is usually fixed as it had a locking mechanism before and replaced with a simple cramming mechanism that could be released with a simple flick of a finger. An important thing to say about the cheek pads is that they come with extra space left for the speakers, which could be a new but very useful feature in that manner for riders who like to include their Bluetooth speakers and enjoy the vibes while being on the ride.

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Shoei Neotec

This helmet was designed with the aid of customer feedback on a previous model which is the Shoei Multitec. The original product was great and received a lot of sales but now the latest head protector is even better.

To look at the main features that have changed to the better, we would love the ventilation that became much better. Extra venting holes were added and this includes an exhaustion venting outlet to make sure that the ventilation system works at its full capacity. This enhancement alone made the Neotec surpass the Multitec with a whole stage and made it of the best once in the market.

There are also other enhancements that include the special shield. Although being a modular helmet Shoei Neotec features granted 360 degrees locking mechanism so that it stays firm at all times. This eliminates the common problem with modular headgears of being too noisy during the ride. This tool helps the wearer to pay attention to the important sounds coming from the engine and the road.

Other great thing regarding this model is the change of the flipping mechanism of the face shield, as it is now at the same joint. This not only made the unit easier to adapt to, but also made it lighter, as less metal is in it now.

Another thing is in regards to the interior of the helmet as it became more of three dimensional styles. It is made to be narrow at the neck roll as well as fitting the average head precisely. This design made the helmet much easier to tilt your neck while wearing it.

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