2015 Ferrari Sergio roadster by Pininfarina

The Italian design house Pininfarina had created a special conversion of the Ferrari 458 Spider in 2013. In 2015, a new project has been released – the Ferrari Sergio. In fact, the design concept is almost the same as the model presented 2 years ago, but the engine and performance have been significantly upgraded.

2015 Ferrari Sergio

There are only 6 Ferrari Sergio roadsters in the world. One of the first examples was presented at the Ferrari World theme park in the United Arab Emirates. Each one of the exclusive units was tailor made at the Ferrari atelier in Maranello. The owners of the cars had the opportunity to choose specific colors, interior materials and finishes.

The limited edition commemorates 60 years of tradition of the Cambiano company – one of Ferrari`s subcontractors. The car was named after Pininfarina`s founder – Sergio.

2015 Ferrari Sergio

The Ferrari Sergio features exclusive styling and exceptional performance. The heart of the roadster is naturally aspirated 4497 cc V8 engine manufactured by Ferrari. This edition is more powerful than the concept presented in 2013. The powertrain boasts 605 hp version. In comparison, to the 570-horsepower Pininfarina Sergio supercar, the power unit of the newest open-top vehicle is capable of 605 hp. The 2015 Ferrari Sergio accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 3 seconds.

2015 Ferrari Sergio

The three-dimensional surfaces remind the classic style of Ferrari`s roadster models. The two-tone model, presented in United Arab Emirates combines red and black colors. This combination was inspired by the Pininfarina`s car concepts from `60s. This combination can be seen in the interior where black genuine leather contrasts with ruby stitching.


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