Bugatti Veyron: Street Photos

About Bugatti brand
The Bugatti company is world famous with its unique constructions and high aesthetic standards of the automotive works of art. The founder of the brand is the Italian automobile pioneer Ettore Bugatti. Ettore Bugatti’s cars were the embodiment of light construction and unmatched technical aestheticism.

The origins of the Bugatti`s history are tied to the classic automotive era of the interwar years. The image of Bugatti in this period was influenced most significantly by the sport of motor racing.

The Bugatti brand was acquired by the German giant Volkswagen AG in 1998. Since then Molsheim become the new home to Bugatti heritage.
In 1998, Volkswagen presented its first Bugatti prototype – the Bugatti EB 118, a two-door coupé with 555 HP. It was followed by the Bugatti EB 218, a four-door limousine; and the Bugatti 18.3 Chiron.

In 2001 Volkswagen decided to start serial production of the super sportscar Veyron, whose official name was “Veyron 16.4″.


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